About Us

Transforming lives through mutual trust.

Trust is earned. It comes from forging strong partnerships over time, and one step at a time. So we built a bank that’s built on trust, a bank that invests in the potential of the communities it works in. It’s why we’re here and why we hope you’ll want to work with us.

You’ve probably figured out we’re a different kind of bank.

We’re driven by deep principles, and we value people who want to make a real difference. We’re committed to relationships that demonstrate integrity, resolve, honesty, hard work, and honor.

Be truthful, have courageous conversations, stay positive, and remember, we’re accountable to each other.

A bank for the people.

We’re not like those big-box-one-size-fits-all banks, or banks that only work for you if you agree to live by their rules. Instead, we believe in real partnership, where everyone in the partnership contributes honestly and according to their ability.

A bank that can.

Our financial solutions complement our customers’ strengths. We know that anything can be accomplished when realistic expectations are harnessed with elbow grease, goodwill, knowledge, experience, honesty, and creativity. Through good times and bad, we’re committed to being a bank that people know they can always rely on.

A bank that does.

We’re a bank that has your back, whoever you are—young or old; well-heeled or just getting started; new to town or the guy who knows everyone’s first name. All that matters to us is that you want to work side-by-side, and that you’re as passionate as we are about making your life and your community better.

A bank that will.

We’re ready to work hard, the way you do, to help you with your financial goals and keep our communities strong. There’s nothing we can’t accomplish together and nothing that we won’t be 100 percent dedicated to. Like you, we believe the future is there to be written, and that with the right teammates, nothing is impossible.


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